Personal Injury Claims: Everything You Need to Know

(STL.News) If you’ve suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another person, taking legal action against them may seem like your only recourse. Whether this means filing for compensation due to your injuries or ensuring that the guilty party is held accountable for their mistake, personal injury claims are filed to ensure that you receive financial compensation for the costs, stress, and inconvenience that you experienced.

Most people are aware of how accidents can happen on the road, but many fail to realize that they may also occur within the workplace and in the medical environment.  In this guide, we’re going to look at five of the key areas that Claims Action has identified as situations where you may be due compensation.

Car Accidents

Many accidents on the road occur because of a momentary lapse of attention from a driver.  Whether they fail to see you when merging into traffic or hit you when pulling out of a junction, collisions can be life-changing for all involved.

To keep everyone safe on the roads, drivers must be held accountable for their actions when they do not prioritize the safety of other motorists and pedestrians around them.  Personal injury claims can be filed against negligent individuals after an accident occurs, ensuring that their insurance covers any expenses and losses incurred as a result and potentially preventing further accidents due to the same person’s actions.

Cycle Accidents

Just like motorists, cyclists also place themselves in danger if they don’t remain aware of their surroundings when out on the road.  Whether it is because they are texting while riding or under the influence of alcohol, accidents occur when a cyclist makes an error in judgment; the results, however, can be devastating, with injuries and fatalities sadly being a real possibility.

But cyclists are also at risk of injury when on the roads because of the actions of other vehicle drivers. Careless overtaking, not providing enough space, or simply not seeing a cyclist when pulling out, can all result in serious accidents.  When that injury is due to another party’s mistake, then a personal injury claim can be filed against them – whether this means filing for compensation after suffering injuries or ensuring that family members receive assistance for any bereavement they have experienced.

Medical Negligence

While many accidents occur in clinical settings through no fault of anyone other than the patient themselves, medical professionals must do everything in their power to ensure that patients who come into their care are safe and healthy.  Unfortunately, cases of medical malpractice do occur in situations where a patient’s life is needlessly put at risk due to a simple mistake – and in some circumstances, this can result in further damage being sustained.

In these situations, it is appropriate for a claim to be made to compensate for the pain, distress, and injury suffered.

Workplace Accidents

The company you work for has a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is a safe place to be.  But accidents can happen due to a number of reasons, resulting in employees suffering an injury. It might be that the faulty equipment is provided or there is a failure to put procedures in place to ensure safe working.

Taking legal action against your company is unlikely to be taken well by your employer; however, it may be the only way to receive adequate compensation for your injuries and losses.  This could include anything from medical bills through to time off work that prevents your ability to earn an income – filing a claim could provide a route to ensuring that your expenses are covered and that you are appropriately compensated.

Public Accidents

Many accidents occur in public settings such as amusement parks, government buildings, and supermarkets.  You might have fallen when walking along the pavement that’s become a trip hazard, slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket, or become injured due to poorly maintained equipment in the gym.

When you’ve experienced an injury, then it’s likely that you will have incurred expenses, loss of earnings, and been through a stressful experience.  Because of that, it’s only right and appropriate that you should be compensated.

Is a Personal Injury Claim the Right Thing To Do?

You might be wondering if making a claim is the right thing to do.  But there are two sides to taking this action.  First of all, there is the opportunity for you to recover from your losses and move on.  Secondly, there becomes increased awareness from the organization paying the compensation of their responsibilities to prevent the injury you sustained from ever happening again; that has to be a good result for everyone.