PA Attorney General’s Office Has Saved $1.65 Million For Consumers During COVID-19 Pandemic

PA Attorney General’s Office Has Saved $1.65 Million For Consumers During COVID-19 Pandemic

(STL.News) – Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced that his office’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has saved nearly $1.65 million for Pennsylvanians during the COVID-19 crisis.  The Bureau of Consumer Protections focuses on mediating complaints from Pennsylvanians who, among other things, have been cheated out of services or products they never received, and during the COVID-19 pandemic were also tasked with assisting consumers who had paid for events, vacations, and camps that were cancelled due to the pandemic.

“With 1 in 3 Pennsylvanians out of work — this is a critical time to step up and protect people’s pocketbooks.  Every dollar counts, and our office is making sure consumers are treated fairly by bad actor companies, scams, and from cancellations,” said Attorney General Shapiro.

The Office of Attorney General has returned funds to consumers for a wide range of scams and fraudulent practices, including refunding full payment or deposits for a cancelled summer camp and travel cancellations, scams, and services not rendered by promised.  More than four thousand consumers had cases mediated during the pandemic.

“This was a great process,” said Jesille Perez, a consumer who was refunded $2,267 for a cancelled summer camp.  “It was seamless, and I was satisfied with the very quick response I received.  The Attorney General’s agents keep in touch with me regularly to follow up.”

“So surprised and thankful to get the refund so quickly during this crisis,” said two seniors from the Pittsburgh area who were refunded $6,856 for a cancelled trip.  “The agent was great to work with.”

“The Attorney General’s Office saved me time, trouble, and aggravation,” said Peter Hatton, one consumer who was refunded $4,000 for payment on a car.  “With their assistance, I got full satisfaction.”

“I think that once the Office got involved in my case, the store was more willing to work with me,” said Donald Heiges, a consumer who was refunded $1,009 for gift cards that were never received.

“Millions of Pennsylvanians have lost income during the health emergency, and we are stepping up, working non-stop, to make sure consumers are treated fairly.”  said Attorney General Shapiro.  “We have helped thousands of Pennsylvanians recover their hard earned money.  Eve ry dollar counts, if you need help with a cancellation or a refund, I want to know.”


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