Oregon Governor Kate Brown, California Zero-Emission Vehicle Announcement

Governor Kate Brown Issues Statement on California Zero-Emission Vehicle Announcement

Portland,  OR (STL.News) —Governor Kate Brown today issued the following statement on Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement that California will require all new passenger vehicles to emit zero emissions by 2035:

“From pick-up trucks to minivans, the future of vehicles in this country is electric.  I’m proud to say that, in Oregon, we have already set ambitious goals for increasing the number of zero-emission vehicles on our roads.  And, as the chair of the Western Governor’s Association, I have launched the Electric Vehicles Roadmap Initiative with my fellow governors to lay out the path to the adoption of zero-emission technology, from consumer incentives and tax exemptions to building the electric vehicle infrastructure we will need across the West.

“These are ambitious goals that we can only meet if we all work together.  I have faith in the ingenuity of the auto manufacturing industry to rise to this challenge, so that the next generation of electric cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs will have the range and capability to handle even the toughest conditions our rural Oregon roads can throw at them, and that they are accessible to all communities and income levels. With the impacts of climate change all around us—including a more intense and destructive wildfire season than any in recent memory––we must meet this challenge.

“The transportation sector is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon and pollutants from diesel and gasoline combustion pose immediate public health risks for our most vulnerable communities in Oregon.  We cannot adequately address climate change without moving to zero emission vehicles.

“Today’s executive action by Governor Newsom is an impressive, transformative step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, and it comes at a pivotal moment when we are seeing firsthand along the West Coast how important it is to do everything we can to protect our environment and act on climate change.

“We have heard loud and clear from Oregon’s youth that climate action is their top priority—and it is the next generation that will pay the greatest price if we fail to answer their call.  When zero-emission vehicles are widely used, we can support economic development, public health, and the environment all at the same time.  I will be following the California requirement and looking into policies here in Oregon to accelerate transportation electrification.”