Open Listings Announces Open Listings at Work, an Employee Benefit and Relocation Assistance Program

LOS ANGELES/ MAY 22, 2018 (STLRealEstate.News) –Today, Open Listings announced the creation of Open Listings at Work, a benefit and relocation assistance program for companies to help their employees afford a home near work.

The program is currently operational in California, Washington, Texas and soon to be several other markets according to Open Listings aggressive expansion plans for the remainder of 2018.

Here’s how the program works:

When you use Open Listings to buy a home, Open Listings gives back 50% of the real estate commission fee they receive and applies it to your closing costs.

For a $500,000 home, you’d typically get $6,250 back. But, as an employee in the Open Listings at Work program, you’ll also get an additional $1,000 refund when you close on your home, with half of the extra money coming from Open Listings & the other half from your participating company.

Ben Dusastre, CFO of Produce Pay, whose company is participating in the program said, “As an employer, you can help employees both financially and by providing access to the right information. With Open Listings for Work, we are able to do both and help first-time buyers or relocating employees navigate the confusing process of buying a home.”

Additionally, after a company launches in the program, an Open Listings staff member, an in-market loan officer, and real estate agent team up to come into participating companies offices and do a homebuyer seminar entitled, “Everything you need to know about buying a home that you can’t learn from Google”. This type of in-depth homebuying support is designed to make a material difference in the lives of participating employees and their companies in helping them achieve a major life goal of owning a home.

“When it comes to employee benefits, we believe home buying assistance is the next evolution in HR. In 2018, employees want even more comprehensive and personalized perks and we want to step in as the first company to offer a formalized program to actively assist in an employees purchase of a home,” said Kevin Miller, Director of Growth at Open Listings.

“This is especially true for the Millennial generation and our core audience of first-time home buyers, now the largest percentage of the workforce, who are actively looking to buy a home but want to do it on their terms, with zero pressure from agents.”

About Open Listings

Open Listings is the real estate app that makes buying a home simple and more affordable. Search home listings for sale 24/7, get pressure-free advice from expert agents, create offers online, and save an average of $8,500+ with their 50% commission refund.

To date, Open Listings has helped buyers get over $600 million worth of homes and save $6 million in home buying fees with their 50% commission refund. Contact: Kevin Miller, 800-501-2077, kevin(at)


SOURCE: Open Listings