New Alternative iBuying Program Helps Sellers Secure Future Dream Home

SAN MATEO, Calif. (STL.News) – Reali, the real estate technology company transforming home buying and selling, is launching a new program called Reali Trade-In™ that enables people to “buy before you sell” and eliminates the tedious and expensive process of managing two transactions at once. Ideal for people whose liquidity is tied up in their home, Reali Trade-In allows sellers to purchase a new home and sell their current home in three easy steps. First, Reali helps a seller find their new home and purchases it with cash on the seller’s behalf. Second, the seller moves into their new home. Third, Reali prepares and lists the existing home for sale and uses the proceeds as the repayment to Reali for the new home, at no additional cost to the customer compared to a traditional real estate transaction.

“With Reali Trade-In, we are simplifying two of the most stressful events in modern life: buying and selling a home,” said Amit Haller, Reali CEO. “We reworked the process so sellers can conveniently get into the home they want first with our cash while paying a competitive price. Then, we’ll sell their existing home for the highest price possible. Reali is the only company that offers a ‘buy before you sell’ program to sellers without charging additional fees because we believe our customers should benefit the most from their real estate transaction.”

Many iBuyer options put stress on sellers to sell quickly, often for less than full value, in order to secure their new home. Research shows iBuyer programs net customers – who often need the equity in the home to purchase a new home – 11% less on average than those who sell their home on the open market (source: MarketWatch).

Reali Trade-In helps reduce stress and eliminates the need to move twice and pay for short-term rentals. With Reali’s contingent-free cash offer, customers move directly into their new home in a matter of days, and can save around 2% off the list price of the home when paying with cash. Reali began offering Reali Trade-In as a pilot program to select customers earlier this year.

“We love our new home in Lathrop and not having to find another place to live while we sold our current home in Belmont was a huge relief,” said Cynthia Boardman, a Reali Trade-In customer. “The process was stress-free, easy, and my home sold for top dollar.”

Leveraging Reali’s full-service real estate platform, Reali Trade-In customers work with in-house mortgage experts to get pre-approved quickly, while Reali agents help them find a new home and sell their existing home. When selling the existing home, Reali hires and manages cleaners, stagers, painters, home improvement professionals, and photographers to prepare and sell the existing home for the best price possible.

Reali Trade-In is available to all customers in California who need to trade up or downsize their home. To learn more visit:

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