Nationally Known Expert on Baby Boomer Lifestyles Explains How to Live Happier with Fewer Possessions

PHILADELPHIA (STL.News) – Rita Wilkins, “The Downsizing Designer,” spent her career helping to design thousands of corporate and residential interiors. Yet her biggest epiphany came when she visited her son Kevin in Senegal where he was serving in the Peace Corps. There, 8,000 miles away from her beautiful much too large home, Wilkins observed people who were very happy with few possessions. The experience led her to her own downsizing journey in which she gave away 95% of her belongings when she downsized from 5,000 square feet to an 867 square-foot apartment.

It also ultimately led her to write the new book, Downsize Your Life: Upgrade Your Lifestyle (Kennett & Woods Publishing) and to give a TEDx talk on the subject.

Wilkins learned that living with less allowed her to live more fully. She says, “That yearlong journey was one of the most challenging, most revealing and most rewarding years of my life. During the process of decluttering and downsizing my home, I discovered the real me that was hiding underneath all of that beautiful stuff.”

In an interview she can discuss:

Coping with the roller-coaster of emotions that accompanies downsizing
The ten top lessons she learned from downsizing her life including how to stop assigning meaning to “stuff”
Why owning fewer possessions lets you make room for what matters most
Her fresh approach to achieving work-life balance
Praise for Downsize Your Life
“So many of us (including me!) are drowning in our stuff, and it’s not bringing joy or happiness. This is an amazing book on how to downsize and declutter to make room for what matters most. I highly recommend this book, it’s life-changing!”— Michelle Villalobos, CEO and founder, The Superstar Activator

“Rita Wilkins has tapped into the zeitgeist of ‘third acts’ in life. Her advice, personal stories, and top ten tips throughout the book will resonate with anyone, female or male, married or unmarried, who wants to make the most of the last third of their life. She nails the best ways to unlock, unload, and unburden yourself from what you think you can’t live without and guides you into a future that you have always dreamed of.” — Gerry Lantz, president, Stories That Work

“Rita Wilkins shows us how to live with greater simplicity, generosity and power.”­— Steve Harrison, co-founder, National Publicity Summit

About the Author

Wilkins has been featured on WHYY. Sirius-XM and in USA Today, Delaware Today. Mainline Today and more. She regularly speaks at national conferences as well as to groups of CEOs, senior-level business executives, financial and estate planning groups and members of the American Business Women’s Association, AARP and the National Association of Baby Boomers. For over 35 years, she has designed thousands of interiors throughout the country including corporate penthouses and C-suites, Supreme Court Justice Chambers and thousands of residential interiors. Rita is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, attended Rhode Island School of Design, the University of North Carolina and University of Virginia. Downsize Your Life is her first book.