Missouri News: Missouri Attorney General Hawley Files Sunshine Lawsuit Against City of Bel Ridge

Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley today announced that his office has filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of St. Louis County against the City of Bel Ridge alleging Sunshine Law violations.

The lawsuit says the City of Bel Ridge repeatedly failed to provide the public with proper notice of closed meetings, repeatedly failed to document in its meeting minutes the specific statutory provision authorizing closed meeting sessions, and held closed meetings during which it discussed items that should have been open to the public.

“Governmental transparency is a key tenet of democracy,” Hawley said. “Missouri’s Sunshine Law exists so that Missourians can know that their government is working for them.  My Office has made fighting for transparency a priority.  Those who violate our State open records laws should recognize that on my watch, they will be prosecuted for violating this trust.”

In January, the Attorney General filed lawsuits alleging Sunshine Law violations against the Jefferson County Council and the St. Louis County Executive’s Office.


SOURCE: news provided by AGO.MO.GOV