Missouri Lottery: Georgia Alcorn Win $65,000 Jackpot

MO (STL.News) Georgia Alcorn and her husband, Sam, have played the same lottery numbers for years.  Using their family’s birthdays, the Alcorns matched all five Show Me Cash numbers drawn on April 10 to win a $65,000 jackpot.

Alcorn buys Missouri Lottery tickets at her local store – Sherrill’s Mini-Mart, 406 E. 2nd St., in Annapolis.  As a regular customer there, some of the store clerks have even memorized the numbers she plays.  In fact, she shared that after the winning numbers were posted, the store’s employees knew she had to be the one who had won the jackpot prize.

When asked how she found out they had won, Alcorn said her husband had checked the numbers online at MOLottery.com and then come into the bedroom to wake her up.  After double-checking their numbers on the Lottery’s app, she realized they really had won the jackpot.

While current family birthdays have been successful, the Alcorns plan to change their lucky numbers this fall when they welcome a great-grandchild and grandchild.  They also plan to use current winning on home improvement projects.