Properly marketing a business is the foundation of every business. Even highly successful business success stories continue to market their brand through various advertising strategies to maintain their existing presence.

Marketing Products and Services offered by or through STL.News
Marketing Products and Services offered by or through STL.News

Once your business attracts a new customer, you have to explore new ways to retain that customer because your best competitors are trying to attract and retain that same customer.

The internet and social media have made marketing a business easier, but at the same time, it is easier for you, but your competitors as well.

Marketing products and services offered by STL.News and its affiliates

We have developed multiple marketing products and services that can help you attract new customers and help retain your old customers.

Our parent company, St. Louis Media, LLCand another affiliated website, KickAss.Domains, offer a broad range of digital marketing products and services. The include:

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  • Press Release Distribution on STL.News & AP
  • Web Design – Search Engine Friendly
  • SEO Website Hosting – Local IP address & high performance servers
  • SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization – Get a FREE Website Analysis
  • eListings – online directory management system
  • Advertising/Sponsorship on STL.News
  • Domain Names, Competitive Hosting & Website Builder @ KickAss.Domains
  • Google AdWords – Google is the worlds largest advertising company
  • Email Marketing
  • Domain Speculation
  • and much more

If you understand and appreciate the promotional value of our press release distribution you’ll love our other marketing products and services designed to help you attract news customers/clients and retain those that you have already worked so hard to get.

Our digital products and services are among the best in the industry. Our news site, STL.News has become a worldwide news site publishing thousands of articles every month, some provided by The Associated Press, some are direct from various government agencies, publicly traded companies, some are written by our team of professional journalists. Our news is shown on platforms such as Google News, Google Newsstand, Bing News, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles and share to more than 65 social sites and blog aggregators.

We created STL.News to illustrate our web design skills and SEO talents. News sites are highly optimized, as required by some of the major search engines like Google and Apple, before they will show your content online.

Are we bragging? Maybe! Our point is that we know and can offer four things that we have proof that our skills are “above average” (1) web design (2) SEO and (3) Website Hosting and (4) news articles and press release distribution.

These three talents are common, but the results are rare. While there are many web designers, many do not understand more than the design process. SEO goes way beyond the design and even involves your website hosting. Hosting is one of the most important factors in ranking your website high in search engine search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, which is why we operate our own data center featuring local IP addresses and high performance servers.

Contact us for more information.

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