List of Exchanges

List of financial exchanges, including stock exchanges and commodity exchanges, across the globe

Top 20 stock exchanges in the world measured by market capitalization

  1. NYSE
  2. Nasdaq
  3. Japan Exchange Group
  4. Shanghai Stock Exchange
  5. Euronext
  6. London Stock Exchange Group
  7. Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  8. Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  9. Deutsche Börse
  10. Bombay Stock Exchange
  11. National Stock Exchange of India
  12. TMX Group
  13. Korea Exchange
  14. SIX Swiss Exchange
  15. Nasdaq Nordic
  16. Australian Securities Exchange
  17. JSE Limited
  18. Taiwan Stock Exchange
  19. B3 (Brazil)
  20. BME Spanish Exchanges

Commodity Exchanges

  1. Chicago Board of Trade
  2. Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  3. United States Mercantile Exchange
  4. United States International Monetary Financial Futures and Options Exchange
  5. United States Metal Exchange
  6. New York Commodity Exchange
  7. PEG Commodity Exchange
  8. HAUFEX Derivatives Financial Exchange
  9. STER CAUFEX Derivatives Financial Exchange

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