Latest Education News of 2022

Education is an enormous field, and it can be difficult keeping up with all the developments.  Research papers, new methodologies, and statistics are everything that needs to be taken into consideration when planning curricula for the upcoming school year.  Add all the new regulations and institutional advice, and what you get is all work and no fun.  With this in mind, let’s take a more laid-back approach and let’s focus on the big picture for the time being.

Here is the top latest news in education in 2022.

Top Education News and Trends in 2022

In compiling this list, we’ve taken a slightly less focused approach.  Instead of focusing on bits and pieces and individual research, we try to take a summative approach to ensure that our news is as evergreen as it could be.  With dozens of research paper reviews, we’ve tried to come up with general ideas that should help us better understand the context of education in 2022.  What we could notice was as follows:

  • Students still favor high-cost schools,
  • Students have little to no understanding of recession and inflation,
  • Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent – something that school boards across the country should focus more funds into,
  • Students spend more time on their devices than ever before,
  • Recent graduates find schools too expensive (compare this to the first finding),
  • Students are becoming an empowered spending group, despite making little to no money.

Students Still Favor High-Cost Education

Students favor high-cost education more than any other metric that we could observe.  As it goes, high-cost (expensive) schools offer good education, but the same goes with some public schools as well.  If you are in an expensive school as well, you can hire services recommended by studycrumb to help you with some school work.  This way, you can find a part-time job and help your folks out.  Students with a job are more responsible, have good academic success, and have less debt to return at the end of their studies.

Students Have Little Understanding of Recession and Inflation

Despite the economic hardship, students spend more.  Very little is saved or invested.  With this being said, it may be the right time to ditch that $20 vanilla ice-cream latte Frappuccino and ask for a job at your local Starbucks instead.  Being aware of the importance of saving early on in your life can help you set skills that will last for a lifetime.

Cyberattacks are Becoming a Bigger Threat to Schools

On the other side of the spectrum are schools and their cybersecurity protocols.  As it goes, it is necessary to keep the firewalls and antivirus definitions updated at all times.  However, as the new research shows, it is also becoming more necessary to invest in custom protection, especially as cyberattacks are becoming more common and can often threaten students’ private information.

Students Keep Spending More Time on Their Devices

This one is a no-brainer.  Each new generation of students spends more and more time both online and on their devices.  With the advent of social networks some two decades ago, it has become a norm of some kind to spend significant amounts of time online.  Instagram and TikTok, joined by Facebook, are the biggest time wasters in the field of education.  This much time spent studying could easily boost the SAT scores of every single student.

Recent College Graduates Find Student Debt “Crippling”

Although students favor the most expensive schools and see the price tag as a form of a quality guarantee, many still find it too expensive once their studies have been finished.  With all this in mind, it may truly be the time that many students restructure their day and look for sidekicks or part-time jobs both on and off-campus.  Study bounty is a service that can help by offering an easy-to-skim-through overview of basic writing services.  This service can help you find academic assistance and keep your grades high even if you do work and study.

Students Keep Increasing Their Spending

Furthermore, despite inflation and rising tuition expenses, students keep spending more and more money.  As it goes, most students are unemployed, which leaves either their parents or student loans as a source of extra income.  Online subscription services, digital goods, and the ease of order and delivery that went on steroids during the pandemic have only increased spending in the recent decade.

Final Considerations

As not all students are the same, we should not jump to conclusions here.  The news and trends that we have spotted are applicable to the vast majority of students, but what should also be taken into account is that many students have found creative ways to make money.  Monetizing their social media channels and promoting social events are just some of them so that at least a part of the top education news of 2022 can be shed new light on.