Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is located on the western border of the state of Missouri, near the meeting point of the Kansas and Missouri rivers.  With over 480,000, it is the largest city in Missouri and the 37th largest population in the entire country.  In terms of area, Kansas City is the 23rd largest city, measuring 319.03 square miles.  The city is known for many things, ranging from its vast neighborhoods to diverse cultures to excellent cuisine.

History of Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City was officially created in June of 1850 later marked a city in March of 1853.  Because of the nearby rivers, settlers found the area a great spot to create a new establishment.  This discovery was made by Lewis and Clark, two early American explorers who aimed at expanding west and reaching the Pacific Ocean.  Their journey, however, began at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers in 1805, where they found the land to be a great spot.  The land was purchased by the United States from France in 1804 as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

However, the town was not first settled until 1831, when a Mormon group relocated to the area from their home in New York.  For two years, the group of Mormons built up the settlement, including building its first school.  In 1833, unfortunately, the Mormons were forced to remove themselves from the settlement by violence that had broken out from mobs.  However, they left the very new settlement, what they had built thus far remained there, vacant.

In 1834, the Kansas Town Company began to settle the area once more like another town by the name of West Port was settled close by.  The Kansas Town Company was comprised of a group of investors who saw value in the area.  As the Town of Kansas, as it was then known, began to develop, it became a focal point for the United States regarding westward expansion.

The population of Kansas City, Missouri

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2016, Kansas City had approximately 481,420 people.  The racial demographics of the city in 2010 are as follows: White was 59.2%, Black or African American was 29.9%, Hispanic or Latino was 10.0%, Asian was 2,5%, Native American was 0.5%, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander was 0.2%, those of two or more races made up 3.2% and those of another race not specified by the 2010 census made up 4.5%.

Large concentrations of certain racial groups are found in different concentrated areas throughout Kansas City.  The Latino and Hispanic population, for instance, is largely found in the northeast part of the city, as well as in the southwest area of downtown Kansas City.  The Asian community, on the other hand, is largely found in the northeast side of the Greater Downtown area.  These areas are affluent in culture as they have highly concentrated with certain ethnic groups.  These groups contribute to the city’s appeal in many ways, such as with attractions and diverse, intriguing cuisine for travelers to try.  Kansas City is also known for having the second-largest Sudanese and Somali populations in the United States.