John Rizzo

John Rizzo is a Missouri-born politician currently serving as a member of the Missouri Senate from the 11th district.  He assumed his current position in January of 2017.  Before this position, Rizzo served as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives.  Rizzo is a member of the Democratic party.

Personal Life of John Rizzo

John “J.J.” Joseph Rizzo, more commonly known as John, was born on October 3, 1980, in Kansas City, Missouri.  He is the son of Henry Rizzo, a Missouri State Representative who served his term from 1985 until 2002, and Silvia Rizzo, a Jackson County legislator.  Rizzo has one older brother named Tony, who also resides in Kansas City, serving as a police officer with the Kansas City Police Department.

After graduating from high school, Rizzo went on to continue his education at Rockhurst University.  From there, Rizzo graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in English, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.  Post-graduation, he served on the fiscal responsibility committee of Truman Medical Center.

The career of John Rizzo

In 2006, Rizzo ran in Missouri’s 40th House District election against fellow Democratic candidates John P. Burnett and Christopher Hanf.  Rizzo lost the election, however, only receiving 48.3% of the votes, whereas Burnett received 48.7% of the votes and Hanf received 3%.  In 2008, Rizzo ran for election in Missouri’s 40th House District against Democratic candidate John P. Burnett.  Unfortunately, his second political attempt for office was unsuccessful, receiving only 41% of the vote while Burnett received 59%.

In 2010, Rizzo ran in Missouri’s 40th House District election for the third time.  In the primary election, however, Rizzo experienced some trouble.  Ballots showed that Rizzo led the election with 650 votes, whereas fellow Democratic candidate Will Royster received 644 votes.  Upon an automatic recount, it was found that Rizzo had only won by one vote.  Following this, Royster brought the case to the Jackson County Circuit Court.  In the end, however, because the court did not have enough time to hold another primary election for the two candidates, Rizzo was deemed to be the winner and advanced to the general election against Libertarian candidate Sean O’Toole.  In this election, Rizzo was the clear winner, receiving 66.7% of the vote, whereas O’Toole received 33.3%.

In 2012, Rizzo ran in Missouri’s 19th House District election and won, unopposed.  In 2014, he ran in Missouri’s 19th House District election again and won, unopposed.  In 2016, however, the race for Missouri’s 19th House District was much more difficult to win as Rizzo was running against three other Democratic candidates in the primary election: Jessica Podhola, Anthony Banks, and Mary Catherine DiCarlo.  In the end, however, Rizzo went out on top, winning the election with 46.2% of the total votes.  Podhola only received 37.9%, Banks only received 7.3%, and DiCarlo received only 8.7%.  In the general election, Rizzo was up against Republican candidate Brent Thurston Lasater.  Rizzo won the election with 52.5% of the total votes, while Lasater received 47.8%.



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