How the NFL and NBA are Encouraging Voting this Election Season

(STL.News) Every four years the U.S. experiences a long-term time of debates and campaign rallies with two opponents spreading their individual campaigns across all fifty states.  Unfortunately, the marketing surrounding election season doesn’t always result in high voter participation.

As we often see celebrities flock to social media encouraging people to “rock the vote,” this year two huge professional sports organizations have joined them in their efforts.  As the big day approaches quickly, let’s take a look at how the NFL and NBA are encouraging fellow citizens to hit the polls.  Despite voter activism in 2016, the year saw one of the lowest voter turnout rates in a long time.

NFL votes

“NFL votes”, first officially announced in early August, is an initiative by the league whose aim is to focus on three main factors related to voting in the election: voter education, voter registration, and voter activation.  To accomplish this goal the NFL has also partnered with a handful of non-profit organizations such as I am a Voter and Rise to Vote.

Among those heavily involved with the initiative are twin brothers, Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin, both defensive players for the Seattle Seahawks, a team and set of players who, interestingly enough in this NFL season, are highly favored for Super Bowl futures.  The talented pair have teamed up with other players, using their unique platform to set an example in this season of voting.

More than a Vote

Announced this summer in June, LeBron James’ voting rights organization “More than a Vote” was created in a combined effort to end Black Voter suppression and, at the same time, advocating for large sporting venues, like NBA courts across the country, to be converted into polling locations for this year’s election.

In an incredible response to the campaign, several places, such large venues, such as the State Farm Arena, have already agreed to lend their event venues out for the purpose of seeing more people vote.  These huge locations agreeing to this type of thing will give so many more Americans, most especially black voters, the access and resources to cast their ballot, one of “More than a Vote’s” main goals.

With the election right around the corner, these organizations have made a great effort to bring awareness to the importance of voting, and hopefully the results of that will be seen in the updated voter turnout results of 2020.