How Online Hookup Dating Changed Our Lives

(STL.News) What are the odds of you finding a one-night stand within the next hour?  The perfect casual relationship partner might be anywhere right now, but why do many people struggle to arrange a one-nighter these days?  I don’t know; you tell me.  Maybe you haven’t tried online adult dating yet.  Maybe your cheerful Friday is scrolling down the apps and websites to find you!  Does it seem like a crazy idea to you?  It would have been if we were in the nineteen when it first started.  Now, online adult dating has changed our lives.  For good or bad?  Let’s find out.  But before getting into it, check out East Bay Express if you’re looking for more than hookup.

The Bright side

Okay, let’s be realistic; some of us don’t have the magic skills to hook up like others, but you must have had a friend or two who can easily find a one-night stand, and you always wanted to be like them.  With Covid-19, our chances are more unnoticeable.  However, many people have found their matches through an online adult dating.  In the end, it is merely another way to get to meet people.

All available, all have the same goal in mind.  Why is there a bright side?

Online hookup websites increase your chances.

When you fish in the sea, you’ll find fish.  Most visitors share the same goal in mind, and they want a casual relationship.  Many options are available, and you can look for a match who shares the same interests as yours.

In real life, it’s not possible to know what’s in the other person’s mind; you can’t know if looking for a partner?  Engaged?  Married?  In a relationship?  So, you can’t make a move.  On the other hand, through online adult dating apps, you meet with others looking for the same thing you are looking for.  That’s right, the happy ending!

It gives shy people a possibility.

Hooking up is not easy for bashful kind people.  If you belong to this category, are timid, and have difficulties talking to others and asking questions to get to know someone you’re interested in, you can break the ice through adult dating apps.  It could be the first step to get out of your comfort zone until you pull yourself together to go on a normal date.  It’s totally fine, and by that, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem as you know how to deal with a date!  It is beneficial and proves validity.

Saves time

Some people find dating and hooking up will take a great deal of their time in a crowded lifestyle.  It’s true, getting dressed and ready, hitting the road to sit with someone finally is not at all your style.  It doesn’t make sense and is a total waste of time.  Going for a date instead of doing your job tasks.  Life has priorities!  Online adult dating saves time; you can chat with your match while you’re looking or working or wearing your pajamas until you get the idea if this person is worth leaving all responsibility behind and going after your no-ties pleasure.

The Dark Side

We can’t deny how risky hookup dating apps are, though, even if we found someone and turned out to be a catfish.  Online adult dating is not safe, and it has so many harmful effects on our lives.

False Identity

is it not hard to Google a handsome guy or a hot girl’s picture and send it to someone?  Piece of cake.  Some people send fake photos as if it’s theirs.  The most dangerous are those who pretend to be from the opposite gender to have fun and waste people’s time.  It’s easy to fall for the trap because proofs could be given.


When responsibilities are overwhelming, some people have nothing but text and talk with others.  They match with anyone no matter who they are, just for the sake of entertainment and wasting time.  It doesn’t stop at texting for some, and they go for an actual date with the match even though they might not want to get in a relationship of any kind.


The adult dating world is not the same as the old times, but we haven’t changed.  We’re still humans, and we need to interact with each other.  At the end of the story, online hooking up is new.  If we knew how to use it, we might enjoy our time!