F&O stocks to move to T+1 en masse in January

Mumbai: Stock exchanges have decided to shift all stocks that are part of the futures and options segment to T+1 settlement at one go from January 2023 instead of two batches, as announced earlier.
Exchanges will revise the original schedule for the transition of these stocks to T+1 settlement to bring operational efficiency and ease for market participants, according to a circular issued by NSE.
Market regulator Sebi in September 2021 permitted stock exchanges to introduce the T+1 settlement cycle from January 01, 2022.
Stock exchanges introduced the T+1 settlement on February 25, 2022, with the bottom 100 stocks based on market capitalisation. From March, on the last Friday of every month, the next bottom 500 stocks from the list of stocks ranked are being made available for introduction to T+1 settlement.
In the T+1 or ‘Trade plus 1’ settlement, money or shares are delivered within 24 hours.