Example of Why Americans Are Confused

(STL.News) If politicians are confused about why the general public is confused, watch the links to the following YouTube news articles, both published within minutes of each other.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer discusses how many companies are performing, while the AP discusses how much demand has increased at food banks across the county.

The democratic party promised to change America.  One could argue that this pandemic has been used to create an environment to eliminate small businesses and support big business.

Many small businesses that have not closed are close to that reality.  Many are hanging on for the holiday rush if one exists.  However, it is easy to perceive that January will be the worst month in history for small businesses.

The reality is that vaccinations will take months to complete and numbers to begin their decline.

One thing is for sure; the pandemic has surfaced how weak our social and economic system is.  Our political system was not prepared, and regardless of what party you support, it is apparent that we expect too much from our political system and politicians.

As Americans lose their businesses and livelihoods, people are beginning to go hungry, and schools remain closed.  Personal finances have been wiped out by a lack of support from small businesses and our government.  It is easy for politicians to suggest that we stay home without realizing that business owners have bills to pay, employees, and families to support.

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