Earn Some Extra Cash for the Holidays by Selling Your Junk Car

(STL.News) It hardly seems fair or like we’ve actually had a full year between last Christmas and this year’s holidays, thanks to COVID-19.  However, that is the situation we find our-selves in, with just a couple of months to go, you may be feeling the pinch and unsure how you are going to afford a decent celebration.  That is why you need to start thinking outside the box.

Do you have a junk car that you have been holding on to?  Perhaps you have always felt that you would sort it out and sell it?  If it’s still sitting collecting dust in your gar-age or covered in your drive.  Now maybe a better time than ever to turn that car into cash.  There are obviously a variety of ways you could sell your car, which we are go-ing to look at in the following post.

Sell It To a Company That Buys Junk Cars

There has been a rise in companies that will buy your junk car for cash.  Firms like Max Cash for Junk Cars are a great option.  Especially if you are almost certainly sure you are not going to get a good price if you go anywhere else, such as a dealership or sell to a private buyer.  You normally just need to provide them with your license, registration, and details of its service history.  Some will even buy your car even if you do not have the keys anymore.

Sell to a Dealership

One of the more traditional options for selling a car that you just want to get rid of quickly is to sell it directly to a dealership.  The good thing is they have a lot of purchase power and are less likely to waste your time.  However, the downside of going the dealership route is that they will almost certainly knock money off their quote where they can for even the smallest thing.  So, if your car is not in good condition, and they still are interested in buying it, you should expect a low-ball offer.

Selling Privately

Another traditional way of selling your junk car is by selling it privately.  This obviously gives you a measure of control over the price you can command from your buyer, as well as all other aspects of selling it.  However, many pitfalls often put people off selling privately.  Time-wasters and tire kickers being two of the most common.

The last thing you want is arranging for viewings only for people to let you down, meaning you’ve taken time out of your schedule that is then wasted.  Likewise, some buyers feel the need to kick the tires and do other strange things to try and deter-mine if your car is a sound investment or not.  As well as being irritating, this can obviously cause more damage.

Another major issue is that, unless they were interested in working on junk cars and restoring them, it’s much harder to find private buyers who will part cash for a car that is undrivable when they buy it.  They are out there, there’s no doubt about that, but are harder to find.

Car Auctions

You could consider putting your car up for auction, but this offers the same risks, especially to how much you get, as if you sold privately or to a dealership.  People bid-ding on items in auctions are generally looking to save as much as they can and avoid paying out huge amounts.  So, if you believe your car can be sold for a high amount, choose this option, but if it is really destined for the junkyard, you might be better looking at other options.