Datix's Team Expands to Revolutionize Software Consulting

Datix’s Team Expands to Revolutionize Software Consulting

ST. LOUIS, MO/December 5, 2017 (STL.News) – Datix concludes a successful year with some exciting team announcements. The premier enterprise software consulting firm based in St. Louis has made some recent promotions and hires and is proud to welcome Jay Epperson on the team as Vice President of Delivery.

Epperson worked for several years at Versa-Tags as Director of Information Technology and Finance and most recently as Director of Operations. While there, he experienced the quality work of Datix firsthand. Datix assisted with Versa-Tags’ upgrade from Epicor® Vantage® (version 8) manufacturing enterprise resourcing planning (ERP) software to Epicor ERP (version 10), which the company uses for everything from quoting to producing financial statements. After the successful implementation, Datix offered ongoing support and integrated Magento, the hottest eCommerce platform, with their ERP system to further streamline business processes.

As Vice President of Delivery, Epperson will oversee the business analyst group, lead projects and provide any necessary project assistance. Datix’s excellent team drew him to the position: “I’m excited and honored to be part of such a talented team that has innovative ideas to move the company forward. As a former client, I witnessed Datix’s end-to-end service and skill in providing not just ERP implementations but going the extra step with integrations and configurations.”

Datix Chief Executive Officer Matt Schuval described the value Epperson brings to the team: “With our new status as a Platinum Partner in the Epicor Partner Network and the addition of Jay, it’s been an exciting time for Datix. When we worked with Jay to successfully implement Versa-Tags’ Epicor instance, we realized that Jay shares our commitment to excellence and innovation, making him a perfect fit for our team. As a former client, he brings a useful perspective that will help us provide the best solutions.”

Candice Evertowski, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Datix, is also delighted with the company’s growth: “Our firm continues to get stronger because of the hard work of our team. Having Jay on board will bring us exciting ideas to help us continue to drive innovation in ERP software.”

In addition to our newest hire, Datix also promoted Mark Toenjes to Executive Vice President of Sales. The St. Louis native came to Datix with 30 years of sales experience in the IT and technology fields and was drawn to Datix’s commitment to providing software solutions to small and mid-size manufacturers. “Small manufacturers form an underserved niche in American business,” Toenjes commented. “It’s exciting to offer software innovations that help even small and mid-size businesses compete with global manufacturers and drive profit.”

Epicor ERP benefits manufacturers of all sizes by providing a framework for easy configuration to match very specific business needs and workflows. “There’s no reason to build software from the ground up because of the availability of quality ERP systems,” Toenjes continued. “With Epicor ERP, manufacturers have a proven, comprehensive solution that helps them grow now, and positions them for success in the future. Datix builds on that foundation to create a system that meets unique business needs.” Toenjes looks forward to Datix’s continued success and seeks to expand the sales team to accommodate being the frontline for Epicor and maintain relationships with clients.

Last but not least, Paul Arthur was recently promoted from Senior Consultant to Vice President of Consulting. In his previous roles as an Operations Manager and global distributor, he saw the power of software to solve company issues and provide real time information back to users, customers and vendors, prompting him to work in software consulting. Datix’s entrepreneurial atmosphere and commitment to internal and external development attracted him to the company, and he has since earned several Epicor certifications.

As one of Datix’s most senior consultants, Arthur has witnessed the company’s exceptional evolution: “As we’ve improved internal processes and transparency, our clients have enjoyed greater insight into their business processes and increased productivity.”

One key innovation that has set Datix apart from other consulting firms is Unity. A one-of-a-kind integration solution, Unity connects an assortment of software including Epicor ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce CRM and Magento eCommerce into one streamlined instance. When the best enterprise systems are joined together, workers become more efficient and business processes run smoothly, driving profits for years to come.

“Integration combines best of breed systems so they can be utilized to their upmost potential,” continued Arthur. “I strive to help companies get the most out of their systems, and I have found that people want to work from one system, not two. At Datix, we offer the best software and constantly develop our methods and technology to give clients access to information in real time.”

With a new team member and promotions, Datix is primed to stay ahead in providing enterprise software solutions. After 20 years of driving innovations, they look forward to helping small and mid-size manufacturers and distributors get the most from their software for 20 more years and beyond.

About Datix

Datix is a premier software services company based in St. Louis. During our 20 years in operation, we have worked with clients in a wide range of industries. Our unique approach to optimizing business processes through software can be applied to almost any industry, from discrete manufacturing to product distribution. Besides being an Epicor Platinum Partner, we are also a certified partner with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM as well as a Magento expert. Datix specializes in Business Process Management and Enterprise Application Solutions, including customizable integration options. Unity is Datix’s pre-built integration solution for ERP, CRM and eCommerce enterprise software, available to connect your solution seamlessly without any of the normal errors or bugs that can come with integration.

Datix also provides a wide range of ERP, CRM and eCommerce support services, business consulting and software development to clients around the globe. Contact Datix today to learn more about our enterprise software solutions.

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