The Dark Room @ The Grandel, St. Louis, MO

The Dark Room Wine Bar & Photo Gallery’s New Location

New Light for The Dark Room @ The Grandel

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 4, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) There’s some very exciting news for art lovers in St. Louis!  The Dark Room Wine Bar & Photo Gallery, the venue that was created in 2014 has a new home.  Now under the umbrella of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, it has moved from its original location at 615 N. Grand Blvd. to the close by revamped Grandel Theatre.

The Dark Room @ The Grandel, St. Louis, MO
The Dark Room @ The Grandel, St. Louis, MO

The Dark Room was created to “help bring life” to the Grand Center and north of Washington Avenue during slow seasons and has been successful at that.  It has brought excitement and traffic to the popular arts district.  The new space for the combination art gallery and wine bar offers 30 percent more seating than The Dark Room’s former location.

In the early days, the focus was mainly on art and wine.  The food that was served was more in the line of snacks meant to satisfy patrons before they continued on with their evening.  But in 2015, Executive Chef, Samantha Pretto, came on board and the menu has consistently evolved into full meals.  The new location also now has extended hours and the addition of brunch and lunch.

Pretto continues to elaborate on the previously time-honored Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.  Some of the new additions are vegan and vegetarian selections.  The wine bar consists of an advanced wine program including 100 different wines and the beer program and craft beer selections have also grown to include international offerings.  And, if you love those fancier drinks, they also offer specialty cocktails on the beverage menu.

In its new home, The Dark Room Wine Bar & Photo Gallery will continue to serve as a place for local live jazz in St. Louis, for interesting photography exhibitions by the International Photography Hall of Fame, and as a destination designed to provoke interesting conversations and produce inspiring ideas.  A grand opening event will take place on March 18.

Contact information:

The Dark Room @ The Grandel

3610 Grandel Square

St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: (314) 531-3416


Wednesday thru Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.