CME Group Announces Record Copper Options Open Interest

CHICAGO, IL – CME Group, the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, today announced that open interest in Copper options surpassed 100,000 contracts on July 21, 2022, reaching an all-time record after multiple back-to-back open interest record days throughout the week.

“Seen as a bellwether for the global economy, market users are turning to our Copper options to manage risk as expectations for an economic slowdown continue to increase,” said Jin Chang, Global Head of Metals at CME Group.  “Our clients clearly value the defined risk/reward structure of our Copper options that provide an effective way to manage adverse price movements, as reflected in the recent volume and open interest.  We look forward to continuing to provide enhanced solutions across global base metals markets.”

Four of the top five open interest records occurred over the last five trading days, including:

  • Monday, July 18: 97,496 contracts
  • Tuesday, July 19: 97,593 contracts
  • Wednesday, July 20: 99, 837 contracts
  • Thursday, July 21: 100,632 contracts

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