China Navy sinks the US coast guard ship and open fire

(STL.News) The Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard released their clearest argument yet for what they need to do to be prepared to take on.  China not in a hypothetical future scenario, but in the day-to-day competition happening now on the seas.  The chief of naval operations and the commandants of the Marine Corps and Coast Guard signed a tri-service maritime strategy Advantage at Sea.  Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power that was released today and is the first of its kind since the 2015 Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower.

The document notes that the services need to work together today to make preparations for a high-end war with China but equally importantly. They need a strategy and the right tools to counter the day-to-day competition, sometimes called gray-zone operations, that China is currently conducting.  The strategy accuses China of attacking military and civilian cyber networks fielding naval auxiliaries disguised as civilian vessels.  Militarizing disputed islands and rock formations in the South China Sea building up strategic, space, cyber, electronic.

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