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Calling All Parents – In Honor of Ryan Candice

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – Two years ago I personally witnessed an event that no parent, no person should ever have to experience.  A dear friend of mine has a son that ended his life.  That event changed life forever for both parents, siblings and even for many family members and friends.

Few would disagree that life has changed over the past few years.  While technology and a shrinking world has eliminated some problems a whole new list of problems have emerged in the world.  Suicide has risen to an alarming rate.

Mr. Candices’ son, Ryan Candice, had many friends, he was popular in school attending college with what appeared to be a bright and promising future.  However, for whatever reason, Ryan felt different.

Since this tragic event friends of Ryan has created an honorable organization to help those in need.  Their loyalty, love and dedication to Ryan has opened their eyes.  They want to learn and teach others from the mistakes made prior to this event.

Friends of Ryan Candice has created Project Wake Up.  It is an organization that their purpose is to eradicate the stigma of mental illness.  They are raising funds to produce a documentary to help this cause.  These are great young adults doing some great things.

I hope you find it in your heart and budget to help these kids fulfill their promise and commitment to his worthy cause.  To raise additional funds for their project they are sponsoring a golf tournament August 6, 2016 at Forest Park- Norman K. Probstein Golf Course.

This problem needs attention!  It will not get better until more people get involved.  Many parents might think “this will not happen in my household” or “my child would never do that”.  You simply don’t know until it is too late.  Mr. Candice had all of those thoughts himself.  Ryan’s friends had no idea.  Nobody, family or friends expected this kind of action on Ryan’s part.

For more information visit their Facebook Event Page or Eventbrite to purchase tickets.

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