BERLIN | Bavaria votes in tough test for Merkel's conservative allies

BERLIN | Bavaria votes in tough test for Merkel’s conservative allies

BERLINBavarians are voting in a state election that is expected to deal the prosperous region’s dominant conservative party a stinging setback, with unpredictable consequences for Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s federal German government.

Some 9.5 million people are eligible to vote Sunday for the state legislature in Munich, where the Christian Social Union — an important but often-awkward Merkel ally — has held an absolute majority for all but five of the past 56 years.

Polls suggest the CSU will lose that majority by a wide margin on Sunday, possibly heading toward its worst performance since the 1950s.

The CSU, which has taken a hard line against migration, appears to be losing support on both the left and the right, with the Greens picking up liberal voters and the far-right Alternative for Germany party set to win seats.

By Associated Press