Benefits of American Energy Independence

There are many benefits for America to be energy independent.  This is only a summary, but certainly not all of the benefits.  Many benefits would not be seen until that happens.

(STL.News) The full spectrum of benefits is beyond the scope of this article, but it is a reliable summary of the benefits that America would receive by returning to energy independence.  This should be any political agenda with this topic.  It is all about national security, world security, and business and finance.

Benefits from America drilling for oil and becoming oil and energy independent:

  1. Free US politicians from influence by outside pressures of foreign companies or governments.
  2. Become a leader of energy technologies worldwide.
  3. Free the world from the middle east and Russia as they have taken this position, which from this point forward should be viewed as a fiduciary responsibility and place it in the hands of the US or the world.
  4. The US could own future energy technologies increasing their political and financial influences worldwide.
  5. Reduce energy costs now.
  6. Prevent a recession or even possibly a recession.
  7. America needs first to protect itself, then protect the rest of the world.
  8. It would produce low, medium, and high-level paying jobs.
  9. Positions the US to enhance energy research for future technologies, which the US  should own.

Please make no mistake; the decisions facing the Biden administration over the next few hours or days will establish his legacy.  The outcome of that legacy will largely depend on this topic.

If the right decision is made, the results will be catastrophic.  We have seen only a hint of what will come if Washington doesn’t return to oil independence and even enhance it to “energy independence.”  It will create severe political, economic, and financial damage to America.  Action is required now.

If the wrong decisions are made, Americans should demand and force investigations to discover the reason for ignoring the obvious.

The political strategy doesn’t have to return to the Trump Energy Policies.  While politics should not be considered in Washington at this point, it is being feared by the Administration.  A suggestion would be to become oil independent from Russia and the middle east due to the change in the world political scene.  Additionally, invest in alternative energy sources.  Work with electric and natural gas companies to several every aspect of energy production and advance tax credits and force companies to lower prices for solar panels and technologies to reduce while enhancing our technologies.

Alternative energies are not cost-effective for normal citizens, with solar panels costing $20,000 or higher, eliminating the efficiency of alternative energy.

The current Administration could use this to change and protect the world, but politics has to be set aside.  Or view this as a smart political agenda presented in a way that is not political surrender to the Trump Energy Policy.

The truth of the matter is that a green agenda is smart, but the technology is not at the point that it should be forced through.  It is not time, especially considering the recent actions of Russia.