Beijing Sent warship to attack Taiwan

(STL.News) CHINA has started sea trials of its second amphibious assault ship, months after launch, which could be deployed in the South China Sea.  The ship, called the Type 075, is known as a Landing Helicopter Dock.  According to reports, it set sail from the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai.  The ship is heading towards the East China Sea.  It was launched earlier this year in April.

The initial project called for a ship capable of carrying helicopters, with a displacement of 30,000 tonnes, Naval News reports.  The specifications of this ship are rumored to exceed that, with a displacement of 36,000 tonnes.  It is also said to be capable of carrying 28 helicopters. Chinese state media outlet the Global Times has said the Type 075 is comparable to Wasp-class amphibious assault ships operated by the US.  It also claimed the ship, and others of the same type, will be used by the Chinese navy in the South China Sea as well as the Taiwan Straits.

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