Baltimore Police Advisory: Car Door Locks Save Time, Money, and Headaches

Baltimore, MD (STL.News) Imagine walking out to get into your car, and finding it’s gone.

The thought causes instant anxiety, knowing that you are stranded wherever you are, without the convenience of your own transportation. Having your vehicle stolen, or even your property taken from inside your vehicle, is a personal violation that is very expensive, not only costing you money, but costing you time and your sense of security.

If there were a magic button that you could push to save you all of these expenses, would you push it? Well, there is! It was actually invented in 1914 but wasn’t made common until it was included on luxury automobiles in 1956.  In fact, it is now standard on almost every automobile.  It’s the power door lock! Just one touch and your vehicle and possessions can be safe from thieves!

Lock Your Doors
Did you know that the majority of property reported stolen from a vehicle in Baltimore County involves incidents where the doors were left unlocked? Thieves can make quick work of a densely populated parking lot simply by checking door handles.  Apartment complexes and town home communities offer thieves the opportunity to quickly check many vehicles in a short amount of time, walking away with the maximum dividends for their efforts.  Push that magic button and double check that your vehicle doors are locked before you leave it parked in a public place and once you are home for the evening.

Remove Your Property
Don’t give a thief a reason to target your vehicle – make sure to keep all of your possessions out of sight.  Safely lock things away in a trunk, or, better yet, make sure that you take all of your possessions with you when you leave your vehicle.  Leaving things like shopping bags, duffel bags or backpacks where they can be seen in your vehicle bring the possibility of valuable property to would-be thieves and make it more likely that your car will be targeted.

Prevent Theft
Never leave a spare key or a garage door opener in your vehicle.  Once a thief has gained access to the inside of your car, they can now take the car or gain access to your garage or home to commit a burglary.  There is nowhere inside a vehicle that a thief won’t find your hidden keys during a quick search.

Also, never leave your vehicle running unattended.  Use a remote starter for climate control during the hot and cold months.  And remember, a thief will be just as quick to take your vehicle from your driveway as they will be to take it from the street.  They’re a criminal, after all, so trespassing onto your property isn’t even a consideration to them.