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STL.News – News stories by The Associated Press a.k.a. AP is an American based multi-national non-profit news agency.  Located in New York City, AP operates as a cooperative, unincorporated association.  AP was founded on May 22, 1846.

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International and national news by Associated Press (AP) (Picture licensed to St. Louis Media, LLC d.b.a. STL.News by

The Associated Press is owned by AP’s contributing newspapers, radio stations and TV stations located throughout the US.

Most of employees of AP are union members and are represented by The Newspaper Guild.  The Newspaper Guild operates under the AFL-CIO.

Content from the AP is published and republished by more than 1,700 newspapers, 5,000 TV stations and radio stations.  It had revenues that exceeded $568 million in 2015 employing more than 3200 people worldwide.

AP’s photo library consists of more than 10 million images/pictures making it one of the largest, if not the largest, image library in the industry.

The Associated Press (AP) has operations 243 news bureaus in 120 countries.

Additionally, AP operates the AP Radio Network providing newscast twice each hour for broadcast, satellite radio and television stations.

Additionally, STL.News has an affiliated website that distributes press release through the AP Exchange network.

STL.News is proud of its affiliation with The Associated Press.

For more information about The Associated Press visit or Wikipedia.

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