America in Chaos

(STL.News) America has turned into chaos as schools are closed, children are not learning, teachers are not showing up for eLearning, and municipalities are forcing small businesses to close.  Alcohol consumption is skyrocketing, and drug abuse is escalating.  Coronavius has created chaos around the globe.

People in need are begging while people in power are on power-trips.  What is the new plan?

The political environment has changed, and nobody understands what happened or what will happen.  The unimaginable situation is that the poor are growing more impoverished while the rich are getting richer at everybody else’s expense.

Why can big businesses open, but small companies are ordered to close?  Politicians demand ordinary people to close their businesses and stay home, but they are on the television daily violating their own rules.  Some apologize, while others make up what they believe are legitimate excuses or stories to break the rules.

Stories of political violations that, if committed by ordinary people, would go to prison while politicians are just “political”.

People who have never operated a business are now in charge of running our country and being popularized by social media.

Politicians are making claims that are not true and pretending that they know how to structure a country properly; however, those same people in power are the people responsible for putting ordinary people in the position they are currently in.

It is the 21st century.  Cars park themselves, and documents can be shared and sent around the world in seconds, and most impressively, people can meet online, talk, see each other and share their documents for discussion.

Wait!  How can we have accomplished these things, but we can’t count election ballots accurately?  Why are ordinary people held accountable for every task they perform daily, but those in power can make mistakes that cost billions of dollars, and we pay for the error?  However, at the same time, they lie or hide about how brilliant they were without admission of mistakes.  They are the Untouchables!

It sounds like a title to a movie! It was a movie, and life has turned into something just a fictional as most movies.  Nonetheless, how could this happen, one might ask.

The answer is simple!  Ordinary people have allowed it to happen because they work daily to support this silly structure, only to be treated as inmates rather than the fuel that ignites the American economic engine.

Having many friends who own small businesses, it is beyond sad how bad things are in small businesses. Imagine talking to a friend that is 64 years old that is facing losing his small business as he is approaching retirement.  Imagine opening a new restaurant like a sushi buffet bar in January of 2020, having spent their entire savings and borrowing money from the bank, only to be closed down.  Following that sad event resulting in the wife committing suicide.

These are not isolated stories. Stories like these are spreading across the nation as well as the world.

In record-breaking time, the pharmaceutical industry created a vaccine for the cause of this worldwide health and economic terrorist.

Has the evolution of technology and academic achievements created the need for a different or improved political and business environment?  Probably!

This article outlines some, but certainly not all, of our country’s problems, but the world now faces.  COVID-19 has exposed the structural strength of governments and people worldwide.

Now that those weaknesses are exposed, what will happen in the future is up to us.  Our political and economic future can be sculptured by others or by ordinary people.  It has been proven that most of those in power do not know what they are doing.  It has been proven that those in power hold ordinary people accountable while excluding themselves from the same standards.

By now means is the article intended to take a political position. We are supporting either political party. American citizens need to learn to support America rather than attacking each other.

As the holidays are quickly approaching and soon a new year will be upon us.  We will, most likely, have a new leader that has made many promises to America.  Of course, we should all support our president, regardless of who that is, because it is only in the country’s best interest.

We would like to wish everybody the best Christmas possible and pray that everybody has a happy new year.