North Korea – Kim Jong Un’s new warning after missile test

‘North Korea won’t stop…’: Kim Jong Un’s new warning after ‘monster missile’ test

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has now threatened the West with his new statement.  Kim said that his country plans to develop more powerful means of attack, days after its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch in 2017.  On Thursday, North Korea had its 12th round of weapons tests this year, launching the newly developed, long-range Hwasong-17. Analysts say the missile is potentially able to deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the United States.  “Only when one is equipped with the formidable striking capabilities, overwhelming military power that cannot be stopped by anyone, one can prevent a war, guarantee the security of the country and contain and put under control all threats and blackmails by the imperialists,” KCNA quoted Kim as saying.

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