13 Weird Laws in New Jersey – Must Know

If you murder someone in New Jersey while wearing a bullet proof vest; you will be booked.  Whether a person will be charged for homicide or for wearing a bullet proof vest is beside the point when you learn about other archaic laws of New Jersey.

Most residents of New Jersey became aware of these dumb laws when the administration was forced to take the back seat in an abuse case in the year 2013.

It is suggested that if someone who is in New Jersey is unaware of these bizarre laws, a close friend or relative have access to the New Jersey inmate search tool.  This will come in handy if the person went missing all of a sudden while in New Jersey.

Don’t boil bones

This law pertains to the city of Sea Isle in New Jersey.  Any person trying to make soup along with the bones is a felon.  We do not know if the restaurants in Sea Isle prefix soup with “prepared from boneless meat” in their menu.  But the law is still in force.

Keep the udders of a cow clean

There is a very detailed ordinance in Rutherford which gives clear and detailed instructions on maintaining a cow’s udders.

No trees by the roads

Trees obscure air and hence it is illegal to plant trees along the streets of Blairstown.  Lawyer Anthony Carbone confirms this.

Don’t open car dealerships on Sundays

Planning to purchase a car in New Jersey on a Sunday?  The law forbids car dealerships from remaining open on a Sunday.  So, if you own a car dealership in New Jersey and open it on a Sunday, well, things may not sound very sunny.

Bikes with bells for signal

No one shall ride a bike in New Jersey unless it has sufficient bells to give a signal which can be heard from a distance of at least a hundred feet.  It is another offense to use a whistle or siren instead of bells.

Honk before overtaking

Any motorist who overtakes another vehicle without honking has committed an offense.  The weirdest thing is that the term “another vehicle” includes a skater or a skate boarder.  This may be one of the reasons why the state boasts of the second highest rate of auto insurance in the nation and probably why New Jerseyites
are often called crazy drivers.

Don’t transport personal items on a Sunday

This was passed in the year “1999” by the Garfield administration. Any person found guilty of moving or transporting personal belongings on a Sunday has committed a crime.  At the same time, the law is not applicable on Sundays that fall on the first or the last day of the month.

No Ice Cream after 6 PM

Although it is a punishable offense to buy or sell ice cream after six in the evening, you are entitled to purchase ice cream on producing a doctor’s prescription.  This is applicable in the city of Newark.

The law for a bad and good pickle

Throwing a bad pickle in a garbage can is an offense.  What about good pickle?  Whether good or bad, it is forbidden to consume pickles on Sundays.

Can men knit?

Yes of course!  But a man is committing an offense if he knits during the fishing season.  Gender inequality, isn’t it?

Credit Union Day

Whatever “New Jersey Credit Union Day” means, all citizens should observe the third Thursday of October with “appropriate programs and activities”

World War in New Jersey

Basic knowledge in history makes one aware that World War II ended in 1945.  The New Jersey state law clearly specifies that the term, “present war” legally means “war with the governments of Italy, Germany and Japan”

Always smile

Bernard’s township prohibits frowning.  Well it is a good move by the administration to always keep a smile on people’s faces.  However, in other parts of New Jersey it is illegal only if you frown at a police officer.

If you feel that these laws were made by idiots, it would be even awful to learn that some of the repelled laws were out rightly repulsive for any civilized society.  One such included a clause in an anti-sexual abuse law.  If an unmarried lady was raped, the penalty for the culprit included immediate marriage with the victim.

It is worth noting that New Jersey is not the only place on the globe that still holds on to dumb laws.  But it is a bit ridiculous to say that you should not slurp soup but consume it very slowly.  Although there are weirder laws in many other places, all persons new to New Jersey (no pun intended) should be aware of these laws and should not question them to be on the safer side of enforcement agencies.