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Darryl Russell – Russell Famil
Update on the Russell family - Home destroyed by fire - STL.News

Russell family is in need of donations ranging from cloths, shoes, household items and cash to rebuild

ST LOUIS, MO/January 9, 2017 (STL.News) Recently, we reported about a family that lost everything to fire with a 2 day old baby boy just arriving at the home.  Here is the latest update on the fund raising progress.

We had created the GoFundMe page to help raise money for the family.  Since starting the campaign there has been more than $3,200 in addition to cloths, shoes and household items donated.

The fundraiser will continue for the next week and a Dine Out is planned for Monday, January 16th with Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar located in Ballwin being a participant, in addition to being the employer of Darryl Russell for more than 35 years.

Shortly after the holidays and the onset of cold weather there couldn’t have been a worse time for such a tragedy to occur.  Russells’ 2 day old grandchild came home from the hospital just 3 hours before the fire broke-out.  Russell had to throw the new born from the second story to the trusting arms of a neighbor to remove him from the fire.  Just arriving home from the hospital, the newborn had to return due to smoke inhalation.

The family is safe and everybody is out of the hospital now facing the reality of having nothing, no cloths, no shoes, and no permanent place to stay.  We have secured a suite in the Drury Inn located on Olive and 270 with a managers discount offered by Drury Inn.

Any donations or contributions would be appreciated.  Family clothing sizes has been posted on Candicci’s Facebook page.  For more information contact:

Candicc’s Restaurant and Bar

100 Holloway Rd

Ballwin, MO 63011

Phone: (636) 220-8989

Email: candiccis@gmail.com


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