What is the future of gas prices and supply?

Gas prices will continue to increase throughout 2022 and potentially face supply issues.

(STL.News) Gas prices will continue to climb.  Supply could become a problem as well comparing gas lines of the President Carter days.  It is obvious, and experts have said it will worsen before it gets better.

Gas and diesel prices affect the price of all goods because it is used to transport goods to the stores.  Unfortunately, the government is not being honest about inflation numbers.  The only proof you need is to go to the grocery store or buy gasoline.

There is a significant amount of debate in Washington about how to help Americans afford gasoline.  While the left continues to ride the path to green, the right is begging for Washington to adopt the Trump energy policies, making America dependent on its energy sources.  Even Elon Musk has stated that we would drill for oil.  Musk has no interest in oil.  His electric cars are green, but for America to survive the current economic and political crisis and decrease gas prices, Musk supports drilling.

Washington needs to set politics to the side and move to an energy policy proven to be effective.

Today, March 4, 2022, the national average gas price is $4.07 and is reported to be as high as $7.00 in parts of California.  Oil hit over $130 per barrel in overnight trading but has come down slightly.

GasBuddy is an excellent tool to find the best prices near you.