SAN DIEGO | US officials say San Diego border crossing is full before caravan of migrants criticized by Trump starts seeking asylum

WASHINGTON | Critics say US sugar program a sour deal for consumers

WASHINGTON (AP) — Food processors, soft drink manufacturers and candy makers are squaring off against the U.S. sugar industry in a familiar battle over a program that props up sugar prices.

The battle over the sugar program, a web of price supports, loans and tariffs that critics say gouges consumers, is one of the key battles in this year’s farm bill, a five-year renewal of federal farm and nutrition policy.

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GOP leaders are promoting this year’s renewal of the measure as tightening work and job training requirements for food stamps. But the food stamp proposal has driven Democrats away from the bill, which means Republicans must pass the measure with minimal GOP defections. That puts pressure on past Republican critics of costly farm subsidies to vote for them.

By Associated Press – published on STL.News by St. Louis Media, LLC(R.A)

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