United States & Netherlands’ Conference on Maritime Security

United States & Netherlands' Conference on Maritime Security

Washington, DC (STL.News) Press Statement by Department Spokesperson:

On March 3, the United States and the Netherlands hosted an experts’ meeting on the comprehensive implementation of maritime aspects of United Nations Security Council resolutions on countries such as the DPRK.  More than 40 countries attended and shared measures to enhance their enforcement of maritime security by activities such as conducting industry outreach on sanctions risk, issuing advisory documents on sanctions compliance, and sharing information on suspect vessels.

The United States and the Netherlands partnered in this effort because of their shared recognition of the need to better implement maritime sanctions, enhance maritime security, and protect legitimate maritime commerce by identifying and halting illicit activity by malicious actors such as the DPRK.

UN Security Council resolutions regarding the DPRK remain in effect, and UN Member States are bound by their obligations under those resolutions.  The DPRK’s ongoing efforts to advance its weapons of mass destruction and nuclear and ballistic missile programs in violation of multiple UN Security Council resolutions clearly illustrate why UN Member States need to implement existing sanctions and work together to strengthen capacity to do so.

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