United States | Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy Travel to Africa and Europe

United States – Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy will travel to Belgium, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.), France, Rwanda, and Uganda from March 4–22, 2019. He will promote stronger business ties between the United States and Africa, engage Africa’s vibrant youth, strengthen partnerships that aim for greater peace and security, and reinforce the United States’ commitment to the people and nations of Africa. Assistant Secretary Nagy will discuss our shared objectives for Africa’s security, prosperity, and self-reliance with key partners and media in Europe during stops in Paris and Belgium.

While in Kampala March 7–8, Assistant Secretary Nagy will meet with senior Ugandan government officials. On March 9–11, he will discuss ways to create greater opportunities for American investors with representatives from the American business community in Kigali, in addition to meeting with senior Rwandan officials. In the D.R.C. March 13–15, he will engage NGOs, civil society, and the new D.R.C. government on a range of issues to include strengthening regional stability, promoting good governance, combatting corruption, strengthening commercial ties, and supporting the response to the Ebola outbreak in the eastern D.R.C. On March 17–18, Assistant Secretary Nagy will visit a U.S.-owned firm in Cameroon, discuss Cameroon’s role as a regional partner with government officials, and meet civil society. He will meet with members of the U.S. government’s signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders, the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), in multiple countries.

SOURCE: news provided by STATE.GOV on February 28, 2019.