Top 4 industrial capitals of the world

(STL.News) High-speed Internet streetlights, the headquarters of the largest IT companies, a huge number of successful technology startups, as well as virtual supermarkets and robots that brew coffee – it’s all there in the most industrial cities on the planet.  We are talking about six megacities where advanced technologists and bright minds from all over the world are concentrated.

Dubai, UAE

The UAE’s most populated city is Dubai.  It is the main financial, economic, and tourism hub in the region.  On the basis of a modest fishing hamlet established in the 18th century, the opulent city flourished.  Massive buildings, chic apartments, resorts, restaurants, and stores began to develop where there once were dunes.  The best way to get around the city is by car.  If you are a tourist, then the easiest way is to hire a car from the rental salon.  You can hire budget, sports, luxury, and exotic cars in Dubai.  The rental price will vary depending on the year of manufacture and model of the hired car.

The greatest construction project in Dubai is built in Downtown Dubai.  The headquarters of the greatest corporations, banks, retail malls, 5-star hotels, pricey restaurants, and enormous buildings are located in this famous commercial zone.  Dubai serves as a meeting place for significant corporate executives, investors, event planners, and initiative professionals.  It is the residence of the third-largest port operator and the highest-traffic international airport in the whole globe.  Dubai also has one of the world’s most cutting-edge digital networks.  This serves as a useful launching pad for exploring international markets.

Seoul, South Korea

The South Korean metropolis is saturated with innovation.  Super-fast Wi-Fi is distributed here even by street lights, intelligent video cameras post pictures on Twitter, and coffee in coffee shops is prepared by robots.  The Seoul subway deserves special attention.  There are elevators for the disabled, toilets, tactile tiles, and glass ceilings between the platform and the rails.  And while waiting for trains, passengers can order groceries in a virtual supermarket by scanning a QR code.

Real estate in the Korean capital is also much cheaper than in other world cities.  The average cost of an apartment here is $533,000.  And even though South Korea closes the top five most favorable countries for doing business.  In addition, it breaks records in terms of the number of patents granted.  Among those who regularly file patent applications are tech conglomerates LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics.  In 2017, they registered 7.6 thousand and 5.2 thousand developments and technologies.  It is one of the most popular countries for IT outsourcing companies.

New York, USA

The American metropolis is considered one of the most innovative cities thanks to the huge volume of venture capital and thousands of highly qualified professionals who flock here from all over the world.  Tech corporations and start-ups make up the bulk of the local economy.  WeWork, Verizon, IBM, Citigroup, Kickstarter, Twitter, and Tumblr have offices in New York.  It also houses the Microsoft Lab and the Google Business Center.

The city has all the necessary conditions to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.  It is also among the largest shopping centers.  Company leaders are against overtime: they set flexible working hours, regularly organize family holidays and urge employees not to give up vacations.  Prices for living in New York correspond to the status of the city.  Thus, the average rent in Manhattan is $3.2 thousand per month, which is about 82% of the average American salary.  Housing in other areas is not much cheaper.

Tokyo, Japan

While Japan’s capital doesn’t look as innovative on the outside as the other cities on our list, it’s one of the most technologically advanced cities on the planet.  Tokyo is famous for its bullet trains, best robotics, advances in 3D modeling, and cutting-edge software.  The city attracts both very young start-ups and world-famous corporations: SoftBank, Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Sony Corporation.  It owes its status to the hard work of the local population.

Ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo launched facial recognition technology and invested heavily in artificial intelligence for transportation, hospitals, and financial services.  Interestingly, about 90% of all waste is recycled in the Japanese capital.  Containers for separate collection are installed in all offices, supermarkets, and railway stations of the city.

The list includes many more cities, including the Netherlands, London, San Francisco, and others.  We have placed in this article only four of them, but even from this list, it becomes clear in which direction the world is moving.