To Honor Nashville Police Officers That Illustrated What Police Are

Nashville, TN (STL.News) The country owes a significant amount of gratitude to the following six Nashville Police Officers who ran into danger as they risk their lives to help evacuate people prior to the explosion of the bomb.  As 2020 was the year that police officers were attacked and turned into a negative force.  While we take pride in remaining politically neutral we hope this is an example of why de-funding the police is a bad idea.

These officers deserve as much attention and reward as can be given to them as they help wrap up a year, a strange year (2020) by setting examples of heroism and loyalty or To Protect and To Serve as has been a meaningful slogan of police over the years.

STL.News would like to express our sincere appreciation for the brave acts illustrated by these six Police Officers.  Congratulations, but more importantly, “thank you” for help to prove the negative image that many have tried to nail on the backs of all police officers.  We need police.  We need great people to serve in this job.  We need these people to be made national heroes to set examples to our society.

  1. Brenna Hosey
  2. James Wells
  3. James Luellen
  4. Timothy Miller
  5. Michael Sipos
  6. Amanda Topping

PLEASE NOTE: FBI Seek Information