Tips From Former Smokers – Denise H. and Brian H.

(STL.News) The CDC releases another YouTube video to help convince smokers to “stop smoking.” At the same time, this approach and presentation might make smokers feel pressure to stop smoking.  It is a free country, and we have liberties.  Right?  Yes, but the reality of freedom can come with an expensive and miserable consequence.  Stop for the “love of family.”  Save money, but more importantly, save your life and save your family from suffering your consequences of a bad habit.

After 45 years of marriage, Denise and Brian H. still spend a lot of time together.  Except for these days, much of that time is spent in doctors’ offices and hospitals. Brian has heart disease, lung cancer, and COPD from smoking cigarettes for most of his life. Denise put her career on hold to be his full-time caregiver.