The Top Online Gambling Trends to Watch

(STL.News) The world thrives over competition.  The zeal to improve and to be the best is what drives businesses.  The gambling world is no different.  The sector grows at a rate estimated at 10.7% annually.  By the year 2025, revenue from gambling is estimated to reach double figures in billions.

The Pandemic provided a much-needed boost for online gaming.  With people confined to their homes, a source of entertainment had to be developed.  Existing online gaming sites recorded bumps in traffic as people discovered the benefits and convenience offered.

The speed at which information is rendered obsolete at this day and age is alarming.  This forces you to be abreast with new information and technologies in industries.  Unfortunately, keeping up with such may prove difficult.
Reputable online casinos like JustSpin don’t just offer slots and table games.  They keep up with new trends to improve their services over time.  That said, here are the latest top online gambling trends to keep an eye on.

Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

In the past, online casinos relied on third parties to process their payments.  Third parties charge a fee on each transaction.  The fees levied raised your gambling costs, directly affecting the enjoyability of the gaming process.
With the adoption of cryptocurrency, extremely low fees are charged when depositing money from the e-wallet to account.  The low fees enable the increased transactions of large sums of money that would have otherwise been flagged by third-party processors after charging exorbitant fees.

The use of Cryptocurrency payments reduces processing times.  Third-party processors’ transaction timelines were filled with delays.  Delays in the movement of winnings from online casinos to accounts negate user experience.
Players in different geolocations suffer the most from this.  Their winnings are often flagged, and their transaction accounts are closed for “investigation.” These investigations take weeks or months to clear, depriving the customer of their rightful earnings.

Cryptocurrency is definitely a big trend to look out for among online casinos.

Virtual Reality

Over the years, gaming technology has greatly improved.  More software companies are entering the virtual space and making an impact.  Hardware developers are also not being left out.  Virtual reality is a field that has benefited from this boom in innovation and new technology.

VR technology is used in online casinos to stimulate the brick-and-mortar feel.  From the comfort of home, virtual reality replicates the physical casino environment.  This adds life to the platform, making games like online poker feels more realistic and enjoyable.

Live Games

Online casinos prioritize comfort.  More and more online casino sites offer streaming options for live matches to their customers.  Online casinos recognize the challenges involved when placing bets on one site and then moving over to another to watch games.

Live games enable players to watch proceedings, access live markets, and react to turnings of events using one device.  Live games also increase screen time spent on the online casino’s website, which boosts the possibility of further bets.  This option is best for on-the-road functions where only one device is accessible.

The human aspect of physical casinos is captured by live games.  Before the introduction of live dealers’, artificial intelligence was used in online casino table games.  This did not resonate well with the players.  Casinos replaced the technology with human dealers to satisfy demand.

Mobile Gaming Apps

Long gone are the days when pc screens were the only places you could bet on.  The introduction of smartphones changed how people viewed and use their handheld devices.  As smartphone users increased, online platforms sought ways to penetrate and capture this market.  It is estimated that 80% of the world’s population has a smartphone.

Online gaming companies have focused their research and development teams to work on consumer-friendly gaming apps and mobile-optimized websites.  A large percentage of punters place their wagers from either one of these platforms.

Mobile gaming provided by these sites is safe, reliable, and fun.

Increased Anonymity

Many gamblers prefer playing their favorite games in the shadows.  Anonymity enhances the gaming experience.  More online companies are embracing increased anonymity on their sites.  This, however, does not compromise the standard of safety set by the applications.

The use of Crypto and payment systems secures the anonymity of online gamers.  This is due to the nature of the blockchain system.

Social Gambling

Many online casinos have introduced new features in their platforms.  Previously, online gaming was a solo adventure for the user; however, the new features enable you to socialize and experience human interaction in the online casino.

Facetime options, group chat boxes, and multiplayer dynamics are some of the unique ways online casinos have come up with to bridge the gap.  Online casinos have not only become the place to play and make money but also place to make new acquaintances.

Crypto-Based Games

Cryptocurrency has birthed a host of new games.  The new games offer gaming opportunities for players who want to try new things.  Some of these games are derivatives of traditional casino games, while others are new inventions.
The game developers have ensured a seamless gameplay experience, eye-catching graphics as well as creative backstories.  More and more online players are discovering new crypto game titles that enable them to earn while having fun.

Increased Legalization of Gambling

The initial skepticism that accorded to gambling is gradually fading.  More countries are legalizing gambling.  States are using gambling as a source of revenue collection.

State-sponsored lotteries are increasingly becoming more common.  The state uses part of the winnings to improve local municipalities and their infrastructure.  Despite the increased acceptance of gambling and its various forms, there is no universal framework to guide this industry.

Legislators are left to their own devices when deciding on taxation measures as well as levies charged on online gaming companies.  This has negative effects as some local governments are overzealous with their methods stunting industry growth.  However, legislators are increasingly becoming more accepting of online gaming.

Final thoughts

As the Online Gaming industry continues to develop, new trends will emerge.  Technological advancements will drive gaming.  Customer gaming experience needs to be at the heart of these new innovations.  Competition among different sites will get tougher, making those casinos that refuse to adapt to sink.