Technology And Its Role In Supplements

(STL.News) “Take with food.” “Take on an empty stomach.”  Nearly everyone has heard these instructions at one time or another when taking medications.  Fortunately, when those instructions are followed when taking any medication, you will be doing yourself a greater favor than avoiding gastrointestinal distress.  Those instructions will also make the medicines more effective. This is due to a phenomenon known as bioavailability and the technology that makes it possible.  This is true to one extent or another with many supplements too.  For more information, check out details from i49.

Far From Innocuous

Bioavailability is the level of a chemical’s potency that interacts with a person’s body to deliver that drug or supplement’s benefit.  When the bioavailability is high, it will cause a more robust and immediate physical response to that chemical. On the other hand, when bioavailability is low, it will take a larger dose to affect a response.

The technology used to create some medications and supplements prohibit human behavior from impacting a dose’s efficacy.  This is also true of other products, such as CBD, that are made with these intended limitations.  CBD and certain medications are created to have suboptimal levels to prevent misuse of the chemicals and prevent accidentally taking an unprescribed dose.  However, the dose is enough to deliver relief of symptoms.

Bioavailability and Delivery Systems

Another benefit to technology in using drugs and supplements is delivery systems embedded into or used along with the products.  With CBD, for example, recommended dose levels are given to those who use them.  Further, several recommended methods of receiving CBD include straws that can be used with any beverage, tablets, hydrogels, and even suppositories.

For example, some people have trouble swallowing certain drugs and supplements.  There are makers of technology who have created magnesium additives that make drugs and supplements easier to digest, absorb, or otherwise consumed by the human body for these folks.

The Issue of Solubility

Even a product that is as easy to use as CBD needs some degree of solubility to be taken and react appropriately.  This is an issue that is separate from the other active ingredients.  Once it is taken, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized by other parts of the body.

Fortunately, high solubility is usually not a problem for CBD, resulting in a much higher chance that the product’s active ingredients will have their desired effects instead of diminished and passed along to other parts of the body.  It is also important that the correct solubility level is maintained, since drugs and supplements that are fat-soluble move quicker between cells than more water-soluble ones.

Technology and the Future

As important as technology is in creating new drugs and supplements and new ways to use them, one of the most existing parts of these developments is the promise they add to drug development in the future.  Not only do new medicines and supplements appear to be on the horizon, but there are also therapeutic breakthroughs that will enhance medication effectiveness.

It stands to reason that as the potential of drugs and supplements increases, technology will be there to make them better and easier to take in the future.  There can be little doubt that just as has been the case in the past, both drug makers and developers of technology will work together for the better.

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