St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri was founded in 1764 and incorporated in 1822.  It is an independent city as well as a major port that was built along the western bank of the Mississippi River.  The city founders are French fur traders Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau and was named after Louis IX of France.

Estimate population in 2016 was 311,404.  It is the center for the Great Saint Louis Metro area, which is home to an estimated 2,916,447, making it the largest metro area in Missouri and 19th largest metro area in the U.S.

St. Louis, MO
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The city is known as home for the tourist attraction, the 630-foot tall Gateway Arch located in the downtown area overlooking the Mississippi River.

St. Louis is home to two professional sports teams, St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Blues.

The city is home to many public traded companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Ameren Electric, Emerson Electric, Panera Bread Company, Monsanto, Peabody Energy and more.

Additionally, the city has experienced a substantial increase in medical, pharmaceutical and research, as well as startup technology companies.

Some names that the city are known for are: Gateway to the West, The Gateway City, The Lou, Rome of the West and River City.

The city covers 66 square miles, with 61.9 square miles of land, 4.1 square miles of water with an elevation of 466 feet and is part of CST time zone.

The city is ranked the 61st city in the U.S., 2nd in Missouri and 11th in the mid-west.

Some History about the City of St. Louis, Missouri

The city was ranked as the 4th largest city in the U.S. according to the 1870 Census.  However, the city separated from St. Louis County in 1877 when it become an independent city in 1877, limiting its political boundaries.

Additionally, the city hosted the Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the Summer Olympics.

The city has an interesting history and affiliations that include:

  • Kingdom of France 1690 – 1763
  • Kingdom of Spain 1763 – 1800
  • French First Republic 1800 – 1803
  • United States 1803 – present

City Mayor, Lyda Krewson – 1200 Market, City Hall, Room 200, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: (314) 622-3201.  Visit .

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