South Dakota Governor Noem Signs Bills into Law

South Dakota Governor

PIERRE, South Dakota (STL.NewsGovernor Kristi Noem signed fourteen bills into law:

SB 3 enforces directives regarding contagious disease control.
SB 5 includes a child’s legal parents and guardians in the list of parties who may receive information related to reports of the child’s abuse or neglect.
SB 51 transfers licensure of individuals who may alter, repair, construct, or install on-site wastewater systems to the Plumbing Commission.
SB 58 removes an outdated cross-reference to the risk pool.
SB 61 revises a cross reference regarding the South Dakota Housing Development Authority’s investment agreement.
SB 62 revises certain provisions regarding appeals by the prosecution.
SB 74 revises certain provisions regarding drones.
HB 1011 increases certain boiler inspection fees and dedicates more of the fees to the state’s boiler inspection program.
HB 1014 establishes uniform complaint and declaratory ruling procedures for agencies regulating certain professions and occupations.
HB 1015 provides rule-making authority for establishing an appraiser experience training and setting fees.
HB 1027 identifies Water Management Board officers, authorizes appointment of a prehearing officer, and defines the duties of the prehearing officer.
HB 1028 revises petition requirements and the criteria for issuance of a water right permit.
HB 1071 corrects incorrect cross-references dealing with crimes and criminal procedures.
HB 1078 revises certain provisions regarding the South Dakota Historical Society.

Governor Noem has signed seventy-five bills into law this legislative session.

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