Simple Ways to Make the Daily Commute Less Boring

(STL.News) Commuting between work, school, and home is a mundane task that we all have to bear every day.  Whether you travel on the public bus, train, or you drive yourself around, you spend a ton of time going between places.  As more and more people enter the world, so does the number of vehicles on the road increase.  This can make any commute even longer than it needs to be.

Even though in the last two years many people have started to work and attend school remotely, there is still a fair amount of traffic on the road.  Here are a few ways that you can make your commute more productive and/or enjoyable.

Play Online Games

Cell phones nowadays have so many features and functions that you can play almost any game that comes to mind.  This is one way to pass the time and if you enjoy the game, you will be eagerly waiting to play every day.  Use this time to play simple games that help you to unwind and relax, such as online casino slots or poker.  There is far more variety of casino games online than what you will find on most app stores.

No matter the type of game you prefer, you can have a lot of fun with casino games.  If you live in Connecticut, US, check out BonusFinder and the guide they wrote to finding different online casino games in your area.

Focus On Yourself

Many people commute on their own, and this gives them a lot of time to think and let their minds wander.  Don’t waste this time, but rather try to reflect on yourself every day.  Evaluating aspects of your life can help to put things into perspective, and it gives you the time to meditate on your life.  Be productive and focus on improving things that you are not happy with.

If you have high levels of stress, use this time to ponder on your feelings and work on ways to change your reaction to situations.  You may discover that you are placing too much stress and responsibility onto yourself, or you realize that you are too much of a perfectionist.  Self-evaluation is a powerful method that can help you to take the necessary steps to improve your life overall.

Learn Something New

Research suggests that it takes about six months to develop a new skill.  You may have been wanting to learn a new language or understand how manufacturing machinery works.  If you’re driving, you can listen to an audiotape during your commute, or watch videos if you take public transport.

For many people, there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, but during your daily commute, you may have plenty of time to take an online class and improve your knowledge.  The key for many people who have achieved success is that they never stop learning, and they never stick to one thing.  They are always updating their knowledge and adapting new skills in life.

Catch Up on Social Media

Social media is a big part of our everyday lives, but playing on your cell phone at work or school is frowned upon.  Use your commute to stay up to date with friends and the daily news.  Most of the newsworthy stories are updated on social media and not in newspapers and radios.  Keeping up to date with politics and other stories may not interest you all that much; however, you must understand what is going on around you.

It is not only news and your friends on social media, but you can discover new music bands and podcasts with this online platform.  Even just 15 minutes a day is enough time to get on top of the latest events in the world.

Lessen Up Your Workload

If you spend a significant amount of time commuting each day, you can get a head start on homework or office duties you weren’t able to complete on time.  Instead of taking the workload home, use those extra minutes when you have nothing better to do.  By the time you get home, you can relax for the rest of the night because you have taken care of your responsibilities.

Working on a project?  Use your commute to get all of your research done so that you are less pressured the next day.  Working during your commute can give you the upper hand at work and school.  This also gives you more leisure time during the day when you are at your busiest.

If you know that you will be spending a large amount of your free time commuting, map out your day and plan activities accordingly.  For a quick trip, use the time to meditate or catch up on sleep.  Longer trips allow you to be more productive and ease your tasks for the rest of the day.