Russia: Navalny says goal of court case is to ‘scare millions’

(STL.News) #Kremlin? critic Alexei #Navalny? told a Moscow court on Tuesday that the aim of the legal proceedings against him was to intimidate opponents of President Vladimir #Putin?.  “They are putting one person behind bars to scare millions,” he added.

It appears unlikely that a fair trial will be given. Political unrest has surfaced around the world as politicians have pushed their authorities to the limits with no positive results and civilizions around the world have learned how to leverage social media to communicate escalating the social distrust ranging from politics to Wall Street with the manipulation of GameStop stock with small investors creating a short squeeze causing billions in losses for hedge funds around the globe.

Social media has changed the world and how people think, work and communicate.  The change has yrt to end and the outcome might help civilians have a voice that is heard rather than being ignored.  However, lets use it to enhance communications rather than to create chaos and violence while at the same time our leaders learn to listen and to honestly create equality.

Wikipedia page – Alexei Navalny

YouTube video provided courtesy of France 24