Russia is holding the world hostage

World leaders are giving Ukraine a knife to go to a missile battle – close the skies – give them planes – give them protection – give Putin hell!

(STL.News) Putin is holding the world hostage with threats of nuclear war.  Why is the world sitting on the sidelines and only assisting Ukraine rather than acting in proportionately response?  Putin may be losing some battles, but he is winning the world political battle.  The world applied sanctions against Russia to destroy Putin economically.  Is it working?  There has not been any evidence that the economic and political sanctions damage Russia.  Putin probably expected these weak responses.

Military action should attract a proportionate military response.  Is the world reacting in a less than proportionate response because they are scared to escalate the war, or does Putin have damaging information on world leaders?

Many countries are helping Ukraine, but not to Ukraine’s level.  The Ukrainian president is growing frustrated by the lack of proportionate response by world leaders.  This is a president who is on the ground and refuses to leave his country but to stay and help defend their rights.

World leaders need to step up their support.  Ukraine needs more than cheap words, a little cash, and small weapons to battle Russias’ air force and missiles.  If the world leaders do not increase the support of democracy, it will end in countries after Ukraine loses its democracy.

There is an old saying; you don’t take a knife to a gunfight.  But unfortunately, world leaders are giving Urkaine knives to fight missiles. As a result, innocent people, including children, are dying!  Why?

It is agreed that troops don’t need to be on the ground.  The US and other countries have better weapons to end this war than putting troops on the ground.  This war is past, troops!