Police, St. Louis, MO

Police working to make downtown a safer place

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 11, 2017 (STLRealEstate.News) Downtown St. Louis hasn’t always had the best reputation for safety, but this week, police and local businesses said they’re working together to do something about it.  The City of St. Louis Police Department said this past Thursday that they’re going to install more cameras, practically everywhere, to help reduce crime rates.  According to Police Captain Renee Kriesmann, the crime rate is the lowest it’s been in 50 years.  Though the findings are encouraging, Kriesmann said the department and its real-time center are planning to ramp up their street technology to make downtown even safer.

We are working hard to increase the cameras and to increase some of the technology for some of our more vulnerable spots,” said Kriesmann.  To make the plan even more effective, the department is also partnering with local area businesses to make sure the public is effectively protected.

We have worked closely with some of the owners of parking lots that area around the business area,” said Kriesmann.  “They have worked really hard to secure their lots and to light them correctly, while also staffing them during the extra busy times.”  Many of the mentioned lots sit at Washington Avenue and in the downtown western neighborhoods, specifically.

Real estate developer, Brad Waldrop, went onto to say, “We believe private property owners need to participate in securing the neighborhood.  So, we have invested in our parking lots specifically with four foot fences and LED lighting and we are going to be tied to the real-time crime center.”  When asked if this project was going to cost taxpayers a significant amount, Kriesmann stated that no added tax dollars are going to be used to carry out the new plan.

We did this under our smart budget.  We want Washington Avenue to feel safe for everyone,” said Kriesmann.