Pizza World is Literally…Taking the Pizza World by Storm

The Fine Dining Experience Delivered to Your Doorstep – Pizza World

(STL.News) Let’s face it…we are a country of pizza lovers!  A study by National Today determines that Pizza ranks as the second most popular fast food in America.  The National Today data science team surveyed 1000 people about their pizza-eating habits.  A total of 98 percent said they like pizza, with only 2 percent saying they didn’t.

There couldn’t be any better news for the expanding family-owned and operated company, Pizza World.  Pizza World restaurants are currently located in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, a newly opened location in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and they’ll soon be making their way into North Carolina.

To say they’re changing the way the world thinks about pizza is putting it mildly.  They are turning the pizza world (no pun intended) upside down!  Pizza World’s idea: combine world-class gourmet pizzas with the speed, efficiency, and convenience of traditional pizza delivery restaurants.

The company was the very first business venture to come up with this sensational new concept.  Founder and Franchisor Eric Wortham is the brains behind this popular new concept focusing on quality, customer service, and fresh ingredients!  And offering a high-quality product to their customers each and every time they place an order.  Wortham’s corporate office is located in Branson, Missouri.

Whether you feel like going out or just want a cozy night at home, Pizza World offers a fine dining experience delivered to the customer’s door or enjoyed right in the store.  You can always count on exceptional quality, freshness, choice, and value, all within a highly efficient delivery system.

And as they make their introduction into new markets, they continue to surprise and impress all with their ingenious original pizza creations.  The two latest new additions are the Baja Taco and the Big Dill.  The Baja Taco is topped with Refried Bean/Salsa Mix, Mozzarella, Beef, Cheddar, Tomatoes, Doritos, and Lettuce.  The Big Dill is a delicious Ranch, Mozzarella, and Pickles combination.

Besides their unique “Big World Pizza,” which is 452 square inches… two whole feet of heavenly pizza goodness, they offer a menu loaded with lots of other Specialty Gourmet Pizza’s with regular,

thin or gluten-free crusts, and enticing Appetizers, Salads, Baked Pastas, Oven-Baked Subs, Calzones, and tasty Desserts.

And for those health-conscious customers…they’ve got you covered with a healthier version of Crispy Wings in such never-fried flavors such as Plain, Spicy Thai, Spicy Garlic, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, and Mango Habanero.

So, the next time you’re thinking delicious, high-quality pizza, you might want to consider… Pizza World.

By Kara Savio