NC Lottery – Veronica wins a Corvette Stingray & $100,000

Granville County woman wins a Corvette® Stingray and $100,000 cash

RaleighNC (STL.News) Veronica Schanzenbacher of Creedmoor became the fourth winner of a new Corvette® Stingray™ and $100,000 in cash after trying her luck on a $5 scratch-off ticket.

Schanzenbacher bought her ticket on Monday at the Creedmoor Food Store on North Durham Avenue in Creedmoor and claimed her cash prize Friday at  NC Lottery headquarters in Raleigh.  She received $71,011 after required state and federal tax withholdings and took the first steps to sitting in her brand new Corvette.

Corvette® & Cash launched in July with four top prizes of a Corvette® Stingray™ plus a $100,000 cash prize that could be won instantly on a scratch-off.  Winners get to choose a 2021 model, or a current available model, and pick their favorite options, to bring home a sports car with a value of up to $109,600.  They also get a $100,000 cash prize.

A fifth Corvette plus $100,000 in cash will be the grand prize in a second-chance drawing in the game.  The drawing is scheduled for April 20.

Since the last top prize has been won, the lottery will begin the process to end the game.  Tickets still on sale can be entered into the second-chance drawing.  The deadline to enter the drawing will be April 15.