NC Lottery – Onslow County couple wins $200,000

Onslow County couple wins $200,000: “We were in shock”

John Kopp and Tamara Burnette of Jacksonville said a $200,000 scratch-off win left them in shock.

“We were in the parking lot and Tammy kept saying, ‘I think we won big,’” Kopp said.

Burnette said she started scratching the ticket in the parking lot but she misread it at first.

“I didn’t have my glasses on so I thought it just said $20,” she laughed.  “Then I said, ‘Oh wait there’s more.’”

The couple bought the lucky $5 Cash Payout ticket from the Publix on Marlin Drive in Jacksonville.

“I think we were in shock when we found out,” she added.

Kopp and Burnette collected their prize Wednesday at NC Lottery headquarters.  They chose to split the prize in half and, after required state and federal tax withholdings, each took home $71,011.

Kopp said he would like to use the winnings to buy a new lawnmower and Burnette said she wants to pay some bills.

Cash Payout debuted in May with five $200,000 top prizes.  Two $200,000 top prizes remain to be claimed.